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         Panel Mounting Type USB 3.0   Panel Mounting Type CAT5e/CAT6   IP65 Panel Mounting Type USB   IP65 Panel Mounting Type
            Adapters with Cable        (Hexagon Nut Mounting)            3.0 Adapter                  CAT5e/CAT6

           Product Code: E-U3H-AMAF-3   Product Code: E-NWAP-HS-C6   Product Code: E-U3H65-AFAF  Product Code: E-NWAP-HS65-C6-F
         Price  MYR  38.78            Price  MYR  24.84            Price  MYR  25.26            Price  MYR  21.80

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              Panel Mounting              Proximity Sensors           Compact Proximity               Background
             Type CAT5e/CAT6                Square Body              Sensors, NPN Outputs          Suppression Sensors
             (Buckle Mounting)
           Product Code: E-NWAP-KS-C6    Product Code: C-Q17-N01      Product Code: C-C05-N01    Product Code: E-MSMLS61N-2M
         Price  MYR  15.68            Price  MYR  18.76            Price  MYR 104.40            Price  MYR 116.92

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                                    80%                                                       54%

        Cartridge Heaters With Sensor  Temperature Sensors Screw Mount   Cartridge Heaters Standard Type  Cables for Sensor Signals,
                                           K-Thermocouple                                           30V Non Shielded

       Product Code: E-MCHSSS8-120-V220-W200  Product Code: C-MSNDM6-5  Product Code: E-MCHK5-30-V220-W40  Product Code: C-AVVR30-0.3-2-100
         Price  MYR  137.02           Price  MYR 43.00             Price  MYR 83.18             Price  MYR  144.98

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               Stepper Motors               Stepper Motors          Industrial Switching Hubs
                 42 Series                    60 Series                  10/100BASE
             Set (Motor + Driver)         Set (Motor + Driver)
          Product Code: C-42STM03+DR42A  Product Code: C-60STM03+DR57A  Product Code: MES-M8RJ-ST  Product Code: C-LD-101AL

         Price  MYR  202.02           Price  MYR  399.66           Price  MYR  395.93                 MYR  13.49

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