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        iglidur  plastic plain bearings from igus  are lubrication-
        free, maintenance-free, cost-effective and versatile. They
        are suitable for mass-produced automotive products or
        for the construction of special machines, for underwater
        applications, for the food and packaging industry,
        for extreme resistance to chemicals and temperature
        fluctuations or for simple metal-sheet bearings: iglidur  plain
        bearings always offer a solution - either from the product
        range in the catalogue or as a special customised bearing
        solution - no minimum order quantity!
        For more than 30 years, iglidur  plain bearings, which
        conform  with  RoHS, have been a technically and
        economically advantageous alternative to metal bearings
        of all kinds. The industry's biggest test laboratory with
        approximately  15,000  tests per year  enables  reliable

        Longer service life, no maintenance,
        available immediately.

        The most cost-effective bearing for any
        ● 	17 standard materials from high temperature to
           seawater, from food to the automotive
        ● 	More than 7,000 standard-compliant bearings
           available                                                                    Sustainability                           Resistant to dirt         No lubrication             No maintenance            No corrosion with igus ®
        ● 	Savings potential up to 40%                                                  at igus ®                                with igus ®               with igus                  with igus                 Lightweight, corrosion
        ● 	100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free                                   We have been focusing on                 Zero-maintenance and dirt   The lubrication-free design of   iglidur  materials for wide    resistance as well as zero
        ● 	100% corrosion-free                                                          sustainability in manufacturing          resistance are not the only   iglidur  also permits its use in   variety of operating conditions.   maintenance and lubrication
        ● 	100% RoHS-compliant                                                          and products. As a result,               advantages of iglidur  and   the food and pharmaceutical   Large program of dimensions   achieve solutions for almost
        ● 	Online: product finder and service life calculator,                          we are now also able to state            drylin   linear  technology.   industries. Don't wait any   compatible with nearly all   all types of applications. Fit
           prices, ordering, CAD etc.
                                                                                        the CO 2 footprint of a large            Cost down, life up!       longer!                    applications.  Predictable    and forget!
                                                                                        number of our iglidur  plain                                                                  service life!
                                                                                        bearings. In addition, there
                                                                                        are new products that are
                                                                                        largely or completely made
                                                                                        from recycled material.

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