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Free igus
 Handle and test         Tests according to your                               Recycling made easy
                                                                               Make a contribution towards the
 online services  Free sample parts for tests  Application and custom tests in the   reduction of plastic waste and the
 and prototypes
                                                                               improvement of recycling in industry.
                         largest laboratory in the industry.

 Reduce process costs ... discover potential
 ... gain knowledge ...
 Assessment of your project   No minimum order quantity                        Experience motion plastics
 application             Whether 3D printed or as a series
 Our motion plastics  are already moving   Our technical sales department    injection-moulded part, whether   live
                                                                               Free tickets or in-house tours in
 your machines and other installed   will assess your project application   1 metre of cable or hundreds of    Cologne.
 equipment but did you know that we offer   with you.  metres on a drum.
 unique services on top of this?
 From your application evaluation to our free in-house
 exhibitions directly on your premises, to specific tests   Qualification and training
 performed exactly according to your requirements.  We make your machines   of your employees  Free 3D CAD library
 We are always happy to work with you and support you.   smart  Free training courses on    Quickly generate complete
 Predictive maintenance:
                                                                               3D models, free and without
 Find out about our free offers for your application now.  Free assessment at your premises.  installation/assembly and  registration.
                         the use of our products.

 Use services now    No time for trade show visits?  Quickly available on site,   Samples for prototypes
 u  Free in-house exhibitions at    worldwide       We will send you samples for your
 your premises. We take care of    More than 700 field representatives         prototypes and exhibition machines.
 everything.             are there for you in 30 countries.

                         The motion plastics  game:                            We test your Low Cost
 Virtual factory tour    igumania                                              Automation solution
 Discover our operations from    In the igus  game, you install                Just send us your workpiece
 injection moulding to the tool shop,   lubricant and maintenance-free         and we will provide you with a live
 to quality control or our laboratory.  products to reduce production          video of our test or show you the
                         maintenance times.                                    feasibility.

 Interchange of digital    Ready-to-install energy                             igus  motion plastics  show
                                                                               (imps) - the virtual/real trade
 catalogue data made easy  supply systems                                      show
 BMEcat and EDI: talk to us about   Design, harnessing, delivery up            Experience the new products at our
 your preferred data exchange    to complete assembly of energy                virtual-real imps booth, which you can
 formats.                chains.
                                                                               explore on your own or with a guide.

 igus  Corner                                                                  Low Cost Automation
 A sales colleague will bring the    Products developed for you                roadshow
 display unit to you, set it up on    Numerous innovations every year,         Experts demonstrate the robots live
 request and equip the compartments   to meet customer requests.               at your premises and program your
 with the products of your choice.                                             individual application.

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