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The flexible

        igus  factory

        Investments in better technology and faster
        delivery times
        Nearly 200,000 customers  worldwide trust  "motion
        plastics " - manufacturing products at low-cost, while also
        ensuring quality. We have been developing, making and     Material preparation                                           Injection moulding                                       Warehouse
        selling our products according to this principle for years.
        Wear-resistant parts as catalogue items are on stock, to
        allow us to complete customer requests within hours and
        igus  is continuing its growth trend and is focusing more
        than ever on sophisticated yet simpler solutions for all
        applications and budgets.

                                                                  Assembly factory                                               Toolmaking                                               Open offices

        "For us, customers have the same significance as the sun
        to life on earth. The sun gives light, warmth and energy; our
        customers give us ideas, work and money."

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