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Quality from

        the igus  test


        Tested thousands of times.
        Proven millions of times.                                 igus  quality assurance ...                                    ... 100% visual inspection ...                           ... tested in the 250m  dry-tech  lab
        Applications involving high  duty  cycles,  speeds and
        acceleration or demanding environmental conditions require
        proven systems especially for polymer plain bearings and
        linear systems. igus  constantly conducts tests at its own
        laboratory under real-world conditions. More than 15,000
        tests are conducted each year. These tests focus on push/
        pull forces, coefficient of friction and wear rates. Other factors
        like speed, load, dirt, weathering, temperature and impact
        are also tested.
        Our laboratory is also at your disposal. If we don’t have
        data for your type of application, we can conduct a test
        representative of your requirements.
                                                                  More than 15,000 tribological tests per year                   ... 549 customer tests per year ...                      ... or heavy duty tests up to 250MPa
                                                                  on more than 50 test rigs ...
        Explore the igus  test laboratory virtually:

        All products are tested and available from one
        Examples of test certificates and quality seals for igus
        products ... more certificates upon request at


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