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Reduce process

 costs: bearings

 technology on

 the web

 For every product in this catalogue, there is a special quick
 link or direct online pointer to further details, data and facts.
 These include:
 ● 	Online tools for calculating service life
 ● 	3D CAD files
 ● 	DXF data
 ● 	Download of current catalogues, brochures, videos
 and assembly instructions
 ● 	Application pictures
 ● 	Imperial dimensions
 ● 	Personal support
 ● 	Catalogue and sample ordering
 ● 	Online price list and online shop

 More than 40 online tools help you to quickly find, configure
 and calculate the right product. No registration necessary.
 3D CAD models online for downloading. Easy to use.

          ONLINE TOOLS                       CONFIGURATORS                      SERVICES
          Fast selection of the right product incl.  Assemble your required product, also  Custom machining and other tools.
          Service life calculation           with individual accessories and post-

          Individual components
          ● 	Service life calculation
          ● 	Feasibility analysis
          ● 	Instant price

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