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Water Cooled Screw Chiller (Ultra-high efficiency)    |  3


            1.High efficiency

               Bosch Climate 7000 Water cooled screw chiller saves more than 30% of energy than conventional product, greatly
               reduce the HVAC system energy consumption of the building and CO2 emissions
               Full-load EER up to 6.32, advance to meet and exceed energy efficiency class I*
               With compact semi-hermetic screw compressor which is dedicated for R134a
               With new customized falling film heat exchanger
               Adopting electronic expansion valve, high sensitivity, precise control and fast responding, strong adaptability to
               part load condition, full and part load energy efficiency increased significantly

            2.Environmentally friendly

               Refrigerant: R134a, ODP=0, GWP=0.29, no damage to the ozone layer
               Less refrigerant charge, approx. 1/3 volume compare with the flooded type HX, Less GWP influence, more
               environment friendly

            * @new national standard GB19577-2015, which is coming into effect in Jan. 2017
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