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Water Cooled Screw Chiller (Ultra-high efficiency)    |  5

            6.Easy installation, maintenance and service

               Single point wire connection & one side water pipe connection(clamp type), make installation more convenient
               Clamp type pipe connection easy for connection and maintenance
               Compare with the dry type HX, falling-film type is more easier to clean
               Optimal dry filter position, more convenient to maintenance

            7.More safe

               Extra safety with in-built power protection guard (meet the European standard DIN3320)
               Quick release of system pressure via relief valve (higher than NB/T47012-2010)
               Equipment protection class IP32

            8.More reliable

               System multiple protections
               -Power protection
               -Electronic protection
               -Overload protection
               -Expansion valve protection
               -Oil pressure difference protection
               -Oil flow protection
               -Chilled water flow protection
               -Cooling water flow protection
               -Low pressure protection
               -High pressure protection
               -Suction/discharge pressure difference protection
               -Anti-freezing protection for chilled water
               Compressor working time balance technology utilized
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