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MISUMI Economy series

           What is MISUMI Economy series?

            MISUMI Economy series aims to deliver "Assured Quality
            at Low Price".

                 Completely customer-oriented
                 Responds to the needs of Asian designers

                 Offers specifications and prices that meet the needs of
                 the Asian market

           Development concepts of MISUMI Economy series

                        Introduced various products with cost-effective
                        specifications, targeting  applications in the Asian market.

                        Manufactured for long-term durability while
                        maintaining the required precision by the market

                        Low prices and short delivery time are achieved through
                        mass production and supply chain management.

           Product development examples

               Here is an example of “Assured Quality at Low Price”.

                    Linear Bushing I.D. Tolerance O.D. Tolerance Requirements Representative Price
                                                                    Medium            MYR 7.81
              MISUMI                  0.003             0         precision
             Economy                                                                   Up to 66 %
              series                  0.013         0.018       positioning       lower than MISUMI
                                                                     or less         standard product

              MISUMI                      0              0
             standard                                               precision       MYR 23.14
              product                 0.010         0.016

             * The specifications of 2 products in the above table are: I.D. 20mm, O.D. 32mm, and total length 42mm.
             * The above product prices are all reference prices without tax. For prices reference, please visit MISUMI official website.

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