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Development "Power" of MISUMI

           Economy series Cam Followers

                                                                   Resin Coated Cam Follower is the
                                                                   product which resin sleeve is
                                                                   press-fitted into the "grooved outer
                                                                   ring", then wrapping cured to prevent
                                                                   the resin part from falling off. It has
                                                                   excellent strength, wear resistance,
                                                                   damping, and sliding performance.
            Problems at customer sites / Focus on product development

                            Large numuber of resin coated cam   Is there any method or processing to improve
                            followers are used in our production   the adhesive strength with the roller and nylon
                            lines, but the resin part often falls off   after press-fitted?
                            the main body, which is a problem.
                            Although it's possible to press-fit the
                            sleeve in our site, it's time consuming
                            and costly with no guarantee.Is there
             Designer       any good solution?
            MISUMI product development flow

                   Creation                        Manufacture                     Sales

              Select the best method      Confirmation and evaluation of      Pursuit of low price
             from multiple prototyping.   reproducibility at the site of use
           By improving the process before and after   Test criteria are based on customer operating   By procuring and localizing the
           press-fitting, we have added outer ring   conditions. Based on more than 200 test results   production of nylon raw materials,
           grooving and wrap cure, which prevents   obtained from test machines designed and   the price has been reduced greatly
           the sleeve from falling off even under high   manufactured in-house, we set the standards to   compared to MISUMI standard
           loads, high speeds, and partial   achieve the consistent quality required   products.
           loads.                 Awarded   by MISUMI.              Awarded
                                  MISUMI                            MISUMI
                                  original                          original
                                  machining                          testing
                                   patent                            patent
               Urethane molded pull-out test data
               Product  Machining  Pull-out test
              difference  Method  result (Unit: N)
               MISUMI         652 fall-off
             standard product  Press Fit Type  occurrence
               MISUMI  Embedded   4340 fall-off
             economy series  Sintering  occurrence
            ˎPatent No.: ZL202021742764.5   ˎPatent No.: ZL202022038407.7
            Range of Products
                2 major                                            Very satisfied that MISUMI has
             categories of                                         solved the problem of fall-off of
                products                                           the roller and resin coating, and
                24 common                                          touched by the quality and price
                                                                   of the product!!!
              models in total   Economy series  Economy series                             Designer
                                 Nylon Coated  Urethane Coated
      5                          Cam Followers  Cam Followers
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