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Economy series Closed Belts ٥Open End Belts

                                                                      The tensile strength of timing
                                                                      belt is effectively enhanced,
                                                                      thanks to the control of raw
                                                                      material quality and the
                                                                      improvement of production

                                                 Customer troubles on site and product development focus

                              Belt core wires are weak in strength   Is there any way to improve strength in
                              and prone to disconnection..  order to create products that solve
                              Once broken, the exposed steel wire   customer problems?
                              may not only wrap around the pulley,
                              but also injure the installer.
                              Are there any better products?

                                                                     MISUMI product development flow

                  Creation                       Manufacture                     Sales

             Select the best method      Confirmation and evaluation of      Pursuit of low price
            from multiple prototyping.   reproducibility at the site of use
          By changing the polyurethane formulation   The limit tension test is conducted using   By procuring and localizing the production
          and the kneading method and arrangement   special tension testing equipment. More   of both polyurethane raw materials and
          method of the steel wire core, they effectively   than 300 test results are used to set the   core wires, the price has been reduced
          strengthen the belt and solve the problem of   standards for the products to achieve the   greatly compared to MISUMI standard
          disconnection.                   consistent quality required by MISUMI.  products.
           Arrangement of
           steel wire cores

                        Timing  Steel
                       belt body  wire cores
                                                                                   Range of Products

                           There is no need to worry about                             3 major
                           the reoccurring problem of timing
                           belt breakage and the core wires                         categories of
                           are arranged in a way that avoids                           products
                           the injury to the installer. Thank                          58 common
                           MISUMI for launching such a   Econom  Economy   Economy
                                                 Economy y
             Designer      cost-effective product!!!  series Open   series Closed   series Closed Belt   models in total
                                                  End Belt   Belt (Standard) (Both Sides Cloth Lined)  6
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